A Lecture on White versus Black Magic

This eloquent essay by François-René Rideau is truly fascinating; it deals with the distinctions between white and black magic and with where both types of magic can be found in society.

[The main] principle of black magic [is as follows]: to expect miracles, happiness, success, redemption from failures, etc., from external and superior entities that feed from the humiliation of those who voluntarily make sacrifices to them and who reduce unbelievers to subjection, from spirits that rejoice from one's destruction of oneself and other people, from gods that demand one's contempt for oneself and other people, from supernatural beings with unlimited powers and arbitrary desires that are not bound by any law knowable by reason but are meant to be influenced by a show of feelings from their humiliated followers. In short, this black magic consists in the irresponsible tying of one's hope of future satisfactions to the whim of external and superior intervening powers.

Now, divinities that could be corrupted by such sacrifices do not deserve being sacrificed anything whatsoever. They are abject beings against which any self-respecting human being can but revolt. Those that grovel at the feet of such divinities are slaves, swine, creatures lacking the dignity of their own free will, and who are prompt to forsake it indeed.

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Looking Back....

So, while waiting for tech #7 day before yesterday I was browsing my metaphysical library and looked through some of my old notebooks/journals. As anyone whose journalled for a significant amt of time knows, this is an Interesting Experience.....not necessarily a Pleasant one;>. And since I have mine from the late 80's on(the earlier ones were lost when I 1st moved to the Gulf Coast in the early 90's), that's a lot of self-indulgent whining, scattered with minute bits of wisdom. For some reason one from the late 80's when I was Working with Flower Essences caught my eye.
One bit was my self-diagnosis of Gentian/Hornbeam Personality. Re reading my notes and my Bach Flower books I was in a way pleased to note the diagnosis held up AND that I carried less of the Negative aspects of those personality types....though less than I would have liked since almost 25 yrs had passed since;>!
It also reminded me of my life studies. While they LOOK diverse, they tend to focus in 2 areas, Healing and Botany. Even my studies of Runestaves tended to focus on the use of them to deal with ailments.
Reading these entries reminded me of one of the greatest Weaknesses those of us in the alt.rel community have; the distraction of the new and shiny(which in the case of jewelry and cutlery literally;>!). It takes Discipline to NOT drop what you're Working on to a new Modality before you've Mastered it. I admit I DON'T. I also admit that I'm better than a lot of folks I know too, so I don't beat myself up too much;>.
Just being on this platform is a form of Journalling and rereading archived material if you've been on a while can be just as revealing...or disappointing. Still, I think it's a "Good Thing" to ever so often get out an old journal at random and read, if only to see how your earlier self dealt with life's lessons.
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Let's get Pagan!

Official Greetings and Salutations!

Hello, friends, and well met!

I became moderator of this community a couple of months ago and meant to do a nice lil post all introductory-style, but... yanno.... life.

So, nice to meet you! My name is Aubrey (birth name, means "leader of the elves" of all fabulous things) and I'm a newish Registered Nurse living in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I currently work NOC shift (6 pm to 7 am), so I'm generally up and around whilst the rest of the local universe slumbers.

I've considered myself "nondenominational pagan" for, eesh, almost 25 years now. Now that I have more downtime (I only work about 14 days a month though I'm full-time) without nursing school, I hoped to explore more of various aspects of paganism. When given the opportunity to help this community become more active, I figured it was a perfect opportunity to explore such things, make new friends, and increase activity in the group.

So, my question to you: What would you like to see here?
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Calling on love

This is not a spell request. Rather it's a question about how a specific type of spell can and can't be done (in terms of rules), and a solicitation of advice concerning materials for that same spell.

We're talking about a love spell here. And my questions are as follows:

1. I want to do a herbal love spell for my dear friend. He's a wonderful person who's had a really hard time and really bad luck with love, and is suffering for it. Some magic is needed here to move the energy. I want to do a spell to attract the right person for him (not myself) directly to him. All this with his permission, of course. But my question is whether it's actually possible for me to perform a love spell for another person who is not myself, where the end result that I am invoking does not directly involve me at all. Is this too personal a spell to perform for another person, or would this be considered a common enough, acceptable practice?

2. If in the end I do perform this spell, I'm thinking of burning love-related herbs as a part of the ritual. Below is a list of the herbs I'm planning to use. Are there any others that you would recommend? Any that you would not include, or take out?

* Rosemary (to attract faithful love)
* Ginger (a symbol of passion)
* Rose (for its sweetness)
* Cinnamon (another passion symbol)
* Cardamom (to draw love)
* Bay leaf (to attract a soul mate)

Thanks so much for your help! X-posted.
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Anti-fetch spell?

A friend of mine is having a problem with a fetch in her hometown. A pretty nasty one, by the sound of it, it's hurting people physically. (A shadow-formed fetch.) She's looking for "a formal counter-spell" against fetches, because she wants to send the fetch back to its maker, hurting only the maker and not anyone (human or animal) around the thing's maker to get hurt by it. So if anyone knows one, let me know in a comment, okay? Thanks in advance!

HexenFest This Friday

If you are in the Bay area or have the ability to be in the bay area this Friday, you should be at this event

Hexenfest offers an evening of entertainment and revelry based on magick and a dark sensual aesthetic --both visual and aural-- at the Oakland Metro performing arts venue on 630 Third Street, in Oakland, CA 94607, on Friday night March 9th, 2012.

Doors at 8pm, show at 9pm, cover is $20. Costumes are encouraged, and advance tickets are available at http://www.indiegogo.com/HexenFest?a=416878

The all-ages event is introduced by MC and DJ Jason Pitzl-Waters from the A Darker Shade of Pagan podcast, and also features live music by Pandemonaeon and RaZor Skyline, a dark fashion show by Tombo Studio, and bellydance performances by Morpheus and Anaar.

Pandemonaeon’s tribal rock sound (http://www.pandemonaeon.net/) has been described as “dark tribal fusion with powerful vocals and metal accents” and “music for bellydancers in combat boots.”

Goth rock/industrial band RaZor Skyline (https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-RaZor-Skyline/167528907843 ) features darkwave textures, gothic melodies, hard guitars and driving middle eastern beats.

Tombo Studio (http://www.tombostudio.com/) produces exotic fashion “for a new belle époque,” which will be showcased on stage & at several similarly themed vendor booths at the venue.

Jason Pitzl-Waters is the creator of The Wild Hunt blog http://www.patheos.com/blogs/wildhunt/ ) and the weekly music podcast A Darker Shade of Pagan (http://www.adarkershadeofpagan.com/)


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Myths about pirated books from an employee at Llewellyn.

If you've ever downloaded a copy of a book from the Internet and it was not an authorized copy, read this. There are very few pagan authors who can afford to support themselves fully off of their writing alone. From the post:
Most authors support themselves with full-time jobs in addition to writing and enriching their communities. The very few who don’t work a “day job” have to tour and teach constantly to make a salary to live off of. Some even sell potions, spells, or courses on the internet to add a little income. And yet they still provide plenty of free content on their websites, blogs, facebook pages and other media. They are more than willing to share – up to a point. If they approach a publisher to publish their book, it means, by default, that they want to get paid for it. It has value. So do them a favor and buy their book if you appreciate their work and want to make sure that they continue to write for, communicate with, and teach the community in the future.