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Military Pagan Network needs assistance

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Reposted with permission.

Volunteers with MPN have worked hard for many years to help military Pagans and their families network amongst themselves, educate military personnel, provide information to the public, and more. Moreover, MPN volunteers have upheld a tradition of professionalism throughout and have striven to maintain neutrality in the midst of issues that have been controversial among various Pagans as well as the general public. These tasks have not been easy, and resources (both money and volunteer hours)have always been tight. Unfortunately, the longer MPN continues, the more critical this becomes.

There may actually be very positive reasons for this. In an era whereone's rights are uncertain, individuals are more motivated to devote their energy to preserving those rights for themselves and others. The military climate today has a level of acceptance of Paganism that (while admittedly less than perfect) is dramatically improved since MPN's inception. Meanwhile, more than a few military Pagans are busy facilitating and participating in open circles and other chapel-sponsored Pagan groups. This is a very positive sign that MPN's work over the years has been largely successful.

The question now is MPN's future. MPN's ability to inform, educate, and network depends entirely on volunteers to make it happen. The current staff feels that we have done all that we can for now. Given our current resource pool and acknowledging the work of many other organizations, we feel that MPN may close its doors with a sense of "mission accomplished."

However, given the magnitude and finality of such an action, it is important to us to make one final appeal to those whom MPN represents. If you are a military Pagan (A/D, veteran, or dependent), and you feel strongly that MPN truly needs to stay active, please step forward. Send a message through our online contact form stating your interest in keeping MPN running and how many hours/week on average you are willing to devote to making it happen. We realize that your military mission comes first, but it is up to you to decide whether MPN's mission can and should continue. If a pool of truly dedicated fresh volunteers comes forward, the outgoing staff will gladly transition the duties and management of the organization over to you. If not, we must take this as a sign that MPN's mission has been fulfilled to the best of our ability, and MPN will be closed.

The deadline for this appeal is Samhain (October 31) 2010.

With thanks and blessings,
Board of Directors
Military Pagan Network, Inc.


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