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Anti-fetch spell?

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A friend of mine is having a problem with a fetch in her hometown. A pretty nasty one, by the sound of it, it's hurting people physically. (A shadow-formed fetch.) She's looking for "a formal counter-spell" against fetches, because she wants to send the fetch back to its maker, hurting only the maker and not anyone (human or animal) around the thing's maker to get hurt by it. So if anyone knows one, let me know in a comment, okay? Thanks in advance!
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On July 20th, 2012 03:33 pm (UTC), lilonelost commented:
First of all if the fetch has reached the level where it can actually physically hurt someone I can’t stress enough that when your friend does decide to deal with it THEY’RE GOING TO NEED BACKUP.

Second, has anyone pondered a polite conversation with the fetch’s maker in regards to a ‘hey you made it, control it better, dissolve it, or get help’. It may not be applicable but I’ve seen quite a few nasties created through accident, ignorance, or stupidity. Usually a quick conversation with the maker and a few local spirits cleared it up. If this has been done already has a binding or limiting been done on the fetch’s maker yet?

Third, I wish your friend much luck in the ‘sending it back’ plan. That is significantly more complicated and dangerous than I’d be willing to attempt in the situation. I would honestly recommend destroying or trapping (then destroying) the fetch. As for the destruction aspect, I’ve had success with a modified form of the LBRP. However I also acknowledge that it is counter to some pagan’s theology and even modified it takes a few minutes to use in a destructive capacity. I don’t know if your friend is familiar with combat oriented magic, if they aren’t I would recommend trapping/containing it first. I’ve had personal success binding spirits of various levels into single terminated natural quartz crystals. I’ve also seen some very well made bottles designed and inscribed for containment that would also do the trick. Once the thing is contained I usually ask the spirit of a big ol tree, river or lake to cleanse/weaken/destroy/dismantle/guard the spirit (depending on what the force of nature wants to do). Common sense and politeness with the local spirits is usually standard for this. Ie. I wouldn’t ask a new sapling to tackle the project, but oak trees I can’t even wrap my arms around usually agree provided I give a sporadic offering when I’m in the area.
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