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Calling on love

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This is not a spell request. Rather it's a question about how a specific type of spell can and can't be done (in terms of rules), and a solicitation of advice concerning materials for that same spell.

We're talking about a love spell here. And my questions are as follows:

1. I want to do a herbal love spell for my dear friend. He's a wonderful person who's had a really hard time and really bad luck with love, and is suffering for it. Some magic is needed here to move the energy. I want to do a spell to attract the right person for him (not myself) directly to him. All this with his permission, of course. But my question is whether it's actually possible for me to perform a love spell for another person who is not myself, where the end result that I am invoking does not directly involve me at all. Is this too personal a spell to perform for another person, or would this be considered a common enough, acceptable practice?

2. If in the end I do perform this spell, I'm thinking of burning love-related herbs as a part of the ritual. Below is a list of the herbs I'm planning to use. Are there any others that you would recommend? Any that you would not include, or take out?

* Rosemary (to attract faithful love)
* Ginger (a symbol of passion)
* Rose (for its sweetness)
* Cinnamon (another passion symbol)
* Cardamom (to draw love)
* Bay leaf (to attract a soul mate)

Thanks so much for your help! X-posted.
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