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Looking Back....

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So, while waiting for tech #7 day before yesterday I was browsing my metaphysical library and looked through some of my old notebooks/journals. As anyone whose journalled for a significant amt of time knows, this is an Interesting Experience.....not necessarily a Pleasant one;>. And since I have mine from the late 80's on(the earlier ones were lost when I 1st moved to the Gulf Coast in the early 90's), that's a lot of self-indulgent whining, scattered with minute bits of wisdom. For some reason one from the late 80's when I was Working with Flower Essences caught my eye.
One bit was my self-diagnosis of Gentian/Hornbeam Personality. Re reading my notes and my Bach Flower books I was in a way pleased to note the diagnosis held up AND that I carried less of the Negative aspects of those personality types....though less than I would have liked since almost 25 yrs had passed since;>!
It also reminded me of my life studies. While they LOOK diverse, they tend to focus in 2 areas, Healing and Botany. Even my studies of Runestaves tended to focus on the use of them to deal with ailments.
Reading these entries reminded me of one of the greatest Weaknesses those of us in the alt.rel community have; the distraction of the new and shiny(which in the case of jewelry and cutlery literally;>!). It takes Discipline to NOT drop what you're Working on to a new Modality before you've Mastered it. I admit I DON'T. I also admit that I'm better than a lot of folks I know too, so I don't beat myself up too much;>.
Just being on this platform is a form of Journalling and rereading archived material if you've been on a while can be just as revealing...or disappointing. Still, I think it's a "Good Thing" to ever so often get out an old journal at random and read, if only to see how your earlier self dealt with life's lessons.
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On March 19th, 2016 10:41 am (UTC), ebony_webb commented:

Ironically I was also looking back through my old journals around this time too. It was amazing to check out my progress plus re-read theories, ideas and learnings I had explored then but forgotten now. Amazing experience and well worth doing.

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On March 19th, 2016 11:26 am (UTC), mdehners replied:
That's the great thing about doing the Work....you find out what does, for YOU at least;>! Some of it looks pretty dumb a decade (or 2 or 3;>) in hindsight but you won't KNOW until you TRY.
One of the great things about the present time is that there are mult sources of info so that you can fact-check a concept or modality. Much easier than a mimeographed sheet given to you by a Teacher or friend;>.
One of my "favs" of this was an "Ancient Matriarchal Runic System" that my 1st HPS taught. Found out about 5 yrs ago that it was the creation of a woman in the 70's who would teach it at COG(Covenant of the Goddess) gatherings.....
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