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May 29th, 2011

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My mother's husband has recently passed, she's (of course) not doing well with the loss....and one thing bothering her is that she was having a couple dreams with her departed husband in them, but she could never fully remember the dream or even most of it. I'm still recovering from a bad break-up after a 10yrs. relationship and somewhat frequently will have dreams with my ex in them...but I don't always remember alot of these dreams.

So, in an effort to try to rectify this, I picked up some mugwort (which I've read is supposed to help you to have more vivid dreams as well as, to help you actually remember them better) in the form of a smudge stick from my local metaphysical shop... I made a small satchel for each my mother and myself in which I added lavender, pieces from the mugwort smudge stick, dried rose petals, chopped up mandrake root(for protection while dreaming), and a small chunk of a Apophyllite crystal. Then we each placed our little satchel into our pillow cases where it would be closer to our faces than from under our pillows.
-Oddly....now neither one of us remembers a single thing from our dreams upon waking.:/

Could I be doing something wrong? I understand that everyone has different physiological reactions to certain herbs and other things, not sure if that could be playing into this or what...
I haven't burned the mugwort-smudge bundle at all, so I haven't inhaled it directly.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you so much.:)
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