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June 2nd, 2011

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I've been doing a honey-jar spell for the past 7mos. now, burning candles atop it once a month as we near the Full moon. Up 'till May I'd only ever dressed the candles in oils and then burned them...this last burning I dressed the candles in oils and then rolled them in ground up dried rose petals, then affixed them to the top of the jar as usual... well, usually when I burn my oiled up candles they burn pretty much like a regular candle and the wax drips down over the jar as well as builds up on the lid. This time the flames shot up pretty high -a good 6-7 inches tall, and melted away all of the accumulated wax on top of the lid. It was pretty messy and somewhat alarming...

Is this usual to have so much of a reaction with the addition of ground-up herbs to oiled candles?
I had read somewhere of adding herbs to an oiled candle for a spell and I really liked the idea, but I didn't expect the flames to shoot up that high nor for it melt all of the wax from the top of the honey-jar.
-I ended up having to blow out the flames (the candles had already totally melted away, so I assume it was the remnants of the rose petals that was still burning)....I became concerned that the heat might cause my honey-jar to crack.:( Thankfully, it didn't.

Further....my honey jar was sitting in an aluminum pie-pan in a stainless steel sink (for fire-safety concerns at the behest of my house-mate)....this may be a ridiculous question, but would the energy/magic of the spell be in any way hindered by the presence of the aluminum and stainless steel all around it? Or does that not even matter?

Thank you so much.:)
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