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October 5th, 2011

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Back story: So something moved into our apartment and has been hanging around since May. Being that the vale is growing thin, whatever it is seems to be a bit more active. I hesitate to call it a ghost due to I don't get that vibe from him/her/it. Nor do I think it is in anyway malicious. Whatever it is just seems to be hanging out and ignoring us for the most part. The problem is that my wife is really sensitive to energies and while this one is not exactly threatening, it's is effecting her. We have some basic protection up but it's not doing much good. I'm hesitant to do anything major until I'm able to actually tell what it is.

So here is the question. Does anyone have any website resources for pagan dealing with ghost, spirits or faeries? Again, I'm not really sure what it is and all the literature that I've been able to dig up isn't helping much. Any info would awesome! Thank you!

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