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October 17th, 2011

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First I want to state that I did get this promotion oked by one of the mods :) Thanks to witchchild for letting me do this. I think this will help out a lot!

This is geared towards the Pagans (any form/any beliefs welcome) of Iowa City, IA and Coralville, IA. A group on facebook has been created specifically for those who identify as Pagan who are living in the Iowa City/Coralville area. We want to create a sense of community, the Pagan community in this area isn't very outspoken but I do know that there are plenty of us living here.

It is my goal to get as many people connected within this area. Potentially for gatherings and events but mostly because it would be really great to have some sense of a Pagan community here. It would be so fantastic to make some Pagan friends who actually live very close and within the same community that I live in. The other mod of this group has the same hopes. We're just trying to get everyone together.

If you're interested in joining and meeting fellow Iowa City Pagans then please go to the following link:

Iowa City Area Pagans on Facebook

Thanks for reading :)

Again, I really appreciate being allowed to post this.
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