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Hi there and Happy Holidays.

I am currently looking for recommendations of good books or good reads on the net about the history of magical practices in Iceland, Scotland, and Germany. Since this is my bloodline, I'm wanting to investigate.

Thanks for your help! X-posted.

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I've not posted here for a long while but I really need some kindly advice but the issue is painful and dark so I'm not sure if this is dyne right place. Please, if this isn't appropriate, Mods, delete it.

About four months ago I was diagnosed with cancer. I've had the surgery: they got it all but it had already spread. Radiotherapy is too dangerous in my case so I'm up for six months of chemotherapy, which is making me very I'll indeed. I'm working through it, though, and generally OK with it from a psychological point of view.

But it hit me really hard today, what with being too Ill to have Christmas with my family and all, and I started thinking about why this had happened to me. I was raised to believe that one's sin found one out and punished you. Later I believed in the Rule Of Three so I've been searching my memory and my conscience To try and figure out what I could have done to have brought this on myself. I can't learn anything from this if I don't know what I did to create this situation.
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Next month's moon phases. You can change the URL to any month/year you need:


This year's Winter Solstice arrives tonight at 11:30 pm CST. Here are the 2012 Equinox, Solstice & Cross-Quarter Moments across all time zones. The charts go through 2020.



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So, I'm really wanting to try to incorporate my religion a bit more into my life. It's something that is important to me. But I was wondering about daily devotionals. It's something I'd really like to do as I like the idea of doing something every day to honor my goddess, but I'm unsure what to do.

I know the most obvious thing is to meditate or recite some piece of poetry or something like that. But...I absolutely suck at meditation. I've tried it--several times--and it just doesn't work for me. At least not in the traditional sense (I use freewriting as my meditation, but my home computer is currently on the fritz thanks to a blown fuse a few days back). And after awhile, the poem can lose it's meaning or importance if it's said to much--at least to me. Simply reciting something after a time doesn't require that much focus (for example, we can all recite the ABC's without thinking too much about it). So, barring meditation, what are some other ideas of things I could do? What do you all do for daily practice (if that's something you can and feel comfortable sharing)?

If it helps to know, my goddess is Brighid.

(Also, I realize that I could just simply light a candle for Her each day, but I was wanting something a bit more...in depth? Not something where I just light a candle and go about doing other things. Lighting a candle is fine, I would just want to be doing something else devotional related while it's burning.)
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First I want to state that I did get this promotion oked by one of the mods :) Thanks to witchchild for letting me do this. I think this will help out a lot!

This is geared towards the Pagans (any form/any beliefs welcome) of Iowa City, IA and Coralville, IA. A group on facebook has been created specifically for those who identify as Pagan who are living in the Iowa City/Coralville area. We want to create a sense of community, the Pagan community in this area isn't very outspoken but I do know that there are plenty of us living here.

It is my goal to get as many people connected within this area. Potentially for gatherings and events but mostly because it would be really great to have some sense of a Pagan community here. It would be so fantastic to make some Pagan friends who actually live very close and within the same community that I live in. The other mod of this group has the same hopes. We're just trying to get everyone together.

If you're interested in joining and meeting fellow Iowa City Pagans then please go to the following link:

Iowa City Area Pagans on Facebook

Thanks for reading :)

Again, I really appreciate being allowed to post this.
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Back story: So something moved into our apartment and has been hanging around since May. Being that the vale is growing thin, whatever it is seems to be a bit more active. I hesitate to call it a ghost due to I don't get that vibe from him/her/it. Nor do I think it is in anyway malicious. Whatever it is just seems to be hanging out and ignoring us for the most part. The problem is that my wife is really sensitive to energies and while this one is not exactly threatening, it's is effecting her. We have some basic protection up but it's not doing much good. I'm hesitant to do anything major until I'm able to actually tell what it is.

So here is the question. Does anyone have any website resources for pagan dealing with ghost, spirits or faeries? Again, I'm not really sure what it is and all the literature that I've been able to dig up isn't helping much. Any info would awesome! Thank you!

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The West Memphis 3 may beARE released today.

A Tweet from Natalia Maines, I hope someone follows up on it. "All 3 boys will be set free today and all 3 are completely innocent. They must plead guilty as a technicality so they can't sue AK for $$."
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This may be a bit of a two-part question...
For the past 7-8 mos. I've been repeating this same spell during the waxing moon. Once the spell-casting has been finished, I take down all the components and put them neatly away. Not a big deal to take it all down and set it all back up once a month, but... would it hurt (by hurt I mean, 'to lessen or interrupt') the energy of the cast spell in any way to leave the tools used in the spell up all month long?
And (possible 2nd part of Q), in so doing, would that not in a way turn the set-up into an altar?

Also, in the past and here recently I've been reading about visualizing what it is you're wanting and while working your spell believing that it is already your's or soon will be.
-When trying to visualize a person...if you can't seem to accurately picture their face...does that hurt the visualization any? As long as you're aware of who the person is and can mostly visualize (accurately) their body and body-movements, could that be enough combined with your will and desire?

Thank you so much in advance for your help/suggestions.

X-posted to Non-Fluffy Pagans and _Wicca_.
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I've been doing a honey-jar spell for the past 7mos. now, burning candles atop it once a month as we near the Full moon. Up 'till May I'd only ever dressed the candles in oils and then burned them...this last burning I dressed the candles in oils and then rolled them in ground up dried rose petals, then affixed them to the top of the jar as usual... well, usually when I burn my oiled up candles they burn pretty much like a regular candle and the wax drips down over the jar as well as builds up on the lid. This time the flames shot up pretty high -a good 6-7 inches tall, and melted away all of the accumulated wax on top of the lid. It was pretty messy and somewhat alarming...

Is this usual to have so much of a reaction with the addition of ground-up herbs to oiled candles?
I had read somewhere of adding herbs to an oiled candle for a spell and I really liked the idea, but I didn't expect the flames to shoot up that high nor for it melt all of the wax from the top of the honey-jar.
-I ended up having to blow out the flames (the candles had already totally melted away, so I assume it was the remnants of the rose petals that was still burning)....I became concerned that the heat might cause my honey-jar to crack.:( Thankfully, it didn't.

Further....my honey jar was sitting in an aluminum pie-pan in a stainless steel sink (for fire-safety concerns at the behest of my house-mate)....this may be a ridiculous question, but would the energy/magic of the spell be in any way hindered by the presence of the aluminum and stainless steel all around it? Or does that not even matter?

Thank you so much.:)
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My mother's husband has recently passed, she's (of course) not doing well with the loss....and one thing bothering her is that she was having a couple dreams with her departed husband in them, but she could never fully remember the dream or even most of it. I'm still recovering from a bad break-up after a 10yrs. relationship and somewhat frequently will have dreams with my ex in them...but I don't always remember alot of these dreams.

So, in an effort to try to rectify this, I picked up some mugwort (which I've read is supposed to help you to have more vivid dreams as well as, to help you actually remember them better) in the form of a smudge stick from my local metaphysical shop... I made a small satchel for each my mother and myself in which I added lavender, pieces from the mugwort smudge stick, dried rose petals, chopped up mandrake root(for protection while dreaming), and a small chunk of a Apophyllite crystal. Then we each placed our little satchel into our pillow cases where it would be closer to our faces than from under our pillows.
-Oddly....now neither one of us remembers a single thing from our dreams upon waking.:/

Could I be doing something wrong? I understand that everyone has different physiological reactions to certain herbs and other things, not sure if that could be playing into this or what...
I haven't burned the mugwort-smudge bundle at all, so I haven't inhaled it directly.

Any suggestions or recommendations?

Thank you so much.:)
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