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This community is for LiveJournal users who are Pagan, neo-Pagan, Pagan-friendly, or Wiccan, to discuss the philosophy and practice of Pagan spiritual paths, as well as other religions. All traditions are welcome here.


No personal attacks or ad hominem arguments. Abusing the moderators will result in banning.

No proselytizing or religion bashing. We are a community of diverse beliefs. Let's respect them all.

Use discretion when reproducting copyrighted works, with an understanding of U.S. fair use. Links are better than excerpts, and small excerpts are better than large ones. Try to express yourself in an original way. Words and notes are copyrightable, concepts are not.

Keep posts on-topic. A discussion on the nature of on-topic posts may be found here. Consider whether extremely personal posts, such as personal poetry, might not be better suited for your own journal.

Practice appropriate community journal etiquette. Any post with pictures, long URLs, or many paragraphs should be cut-tagged. Assume a cross-post is a bad idea unless you've got a good reason for it.

Corss-posting is allowed, however, "apologizing" for cross-posting is not. Posts that include the line "sorry for the cross-post" will be deleted.

If you feel the need or desire to post an introduction to the community, please add it as a comment here.

These guidelines are not rules, and are subject to change. In all cases the decisions of the moderators are final.

This community is administered by bellacrow and witchchild. If you have any questions not answered in the LJ FAQ, just ask.