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Unwanted Entities

The girlfriend of a friend of mine has been having problems with unwanted visitors in her dorm room. This has been going on for almost a month now, but it seems to have gotten really bad last night. This past saturday, I went down to the room and warded all of the doors/windows with blessing oil, and inscribed runes of protection using chalk. That seemed to help for a while, but apparantly the "things" are back again. Originally, the two of them would just see flashing lights on the ceiling, and shadows were there should not be any. As of last night, they were able to see colours, and my friend described it as "green, for the most part. and it was wandering the room, i caught it acouple of times, but Madoka could see throughout the night. then i saw a multicolored thing and then the green thing turned red....that's when we left." And apparantly the girlfriend saw an orange orb floating in the hallway just outside her door. What's odd, is that this girl lives in the same dorm I do, and on the same floor but at the other end; however, I've not had anything untoward happen on my end of the hall. In any case, my friend has asked me to help him either "fight the bastards" or find a way to get rid of them. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at this point, so that's why I've posted this here. Any advice? Keep in mind that we can't smudge the room or burn any incense because they're considered a "fire hazard" by the college.
(if they let me smudge, that would probably have kept it from getting this bad!)
Thanks for any help/advice any of you can give us!

(x-posted in hopes of getting more answers)