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I love music. I need music. I require music.

In case the title didn't tell you what this post would be about...

I am looking for music for Yule. I was raised Christian and I still love all of my old Christian ditties but rewriting them to suit my pagan purposes just...isn't cutting it. I'm looking for some original Yuletide music. Anyone have any recommendations? I've found some interesting singles here and there with a wintery theme but it's not quite what I had in mind.

Thanks for any help!

(P.S. Google searches for Yuletide music mostly bring up Christian stuff. Which sucks.)

ETA: Um...I responded from my personal journal but fallonmay is also me. ;) My apologies.
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In connection with

my previous post on this:

some additional information --

<blockquote>It was from a talent night or Bardic Circle at Pan Pagan Festival or something like that back east. It had the Charge of the Telephone Goddess on it... and the poem about Isis and the Run, Chthulu run (thump squish squish) song on it.</blockquote>

which was either Pan-Pagan 1984 or a Rites of Spring from around that same period.
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Looking for Lyrics

I have an email request from a friend, who is looking for the lyrics to a song...based on what she says about it being an East coast Festival, I'm guessing possibly Rites of Spring, and likely early to middle 80s:

Years ago, I had a cassette tape of songs from one of the Pagan Festivals back East. On it was a funny little song about Pan. I can't remember the words, but I'd like to learn it to sing for Emma at Beltaine. I remember part of it, which goes...

".. but I can see by the way he looks that he must be a man like me...
(something about discussion about if he's a critter or man)
I have a better idea.. How 'bout we call him Pan!?"

If anyone has the name of this song or the lyrics, could you post them please? I know the tune... THANKS

Like she says...if you know the name or the lyrics, please post them...