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Call this a brainstorm, of sorts.. but its been an ongoing idea for several years.

Please, dont laugh. I am very serious as to what Im about to propose.

I do have a wand. Ive had it since I first began at thirteen ( Im twenty-two, now ). Its a lovely piece, but unfortunately, I have not been able to fully connect with it. It feels empty to me, and I cant put myself into it.
On the vice, though, there is a piece that has my EVERYTHING into it; My very core, my energy signiture. My light and dark times. All of it.. and it is my drumstick.
I dance with it, to clear my mind, and center myself. To bring in and send out energy. And many times for fun.

This is a treasured tool for me. I couldnt imagine being without it, given as personal as it is, and as long as Ive had it.
Given that, in some fashion, Ide like to transition it into a use-able wand. Since it is very charged, I know it would be of grand use to me, in even more ways then it already is.
but I dont want it ellaborate. I want it to still be used for dancing and relaxation as well as my craft workings.

Any ideas / suggestions as to what I could do for it? I dont want it to "look" like a drumstick, per say.
Also, has anyone attempted this sort of thing befor? What were your end results?

Need a bit of help

Ok, today I made the trip to go buy some new supplies because I was out of candles, incense, herbs and needed a few other things. So it was time to restock.

While shopping I began looking at wands, like a true wand made of crystals which I work extremely well with. I got my pendulum out to kind of help me choose and got down to one with Citrine as the main crystal and it just really worked with my energy and I loved how it fit into my hand.

The problem is is that I rarely use a wand, I've always been somewhat wary because of all the stereotypes of witches and everything but recently I've found myself using my chakra almost miniwand during my rituals.

My big question is what do most people use their wands for? I want to know that I'll use it if I buy it. I don't want it to just be something sitting there and never getting used but looking pretty. I can think of scenarios that I would use it, but I kind of want some reinforcement on my own ideas.

Merci beaucoup!
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